Women in Oaxaca

I’ve been reading Woman: An Intimate Geography (by Natalie Angier), which I think is terrific. In the book Angier tells of the Hadza people who live in Tanzania. There are only about 750 members of the tribe, and they choose to live the life of hunter-gatherer. No milking of cows for them. The hardest-working people in the tribe are the grandmothers (many 60 years old or older), who out-gather much younger generations.

You’ll find Oaxacan women minding the stalls in the markets, making crafts, owning and managing businesses, working as security guards, bank tellers, police – doing just about everything women in the U.S. or Europe might be found doing with the exception, perhaps, of the construction trades.  Those look to still be the province of men.


Wedding at Santo Domingo Church

Around Town

Mujer Oaxaqueña


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