Now you see her, now you don’t

Invisible women! These days you can’t believe your own eyes, even if you don’t see anything.

George in The Invisible Woman (1940)

MerklemoreIt’s bad enough that there were so few women world leaders attending the marches in Paris, but I can understand their absence if the focus was European unity.  But where were the rest of the European female heads of state?  Maybe they were there and hiding from the cameras.  Or were unrecognizable to the gazillion photographers.

But for an Israeli newspaper (HaMevaser) to remove German Prime Minister Angela Merkel from the front line of marchers via photoshop?  They carefully removed nearly all traces of any woman from the photo that ran on their front page.  They then put a bobblehead male image where Ms. Merkel had been.  We can thank The Telegraph in Britain for spotting this.MerklelessThe Telegraph then went on to remind us that:

In 2011, New York paper Di Tzeitung removed Hillary Clinton (then Secretary of State) from the famous White House situation room image, taken during the mission to kills [sic.] Osama bin Laden. It was forced to apologise, after claiming it was editorial policy not to publish pictures of women on the grounds of ‘modesty’.

European Prime Ministers

I won’t list the non-European female heads of state.  Nor the former Prime Ministers from European countries such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Iceland, Finland, France, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Slovenia, Slovakia, and the Ukraine.  Nor the elected Presidents.

Day of Reckoning


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