Space on the sidewalk

Nothing is more necessary than the unnecessary.

Life Is Beautiful

IMG_3326I’ve written in the past how I can walk on the sidewalk with two Mexicans, of any age, of any body stature, yet find, when encountering a norteamericano that usually one of us must step into the street.  I noticed a new phenomenon today:  the person unfamiliar with San Miguel Sidewalk Etiquette will step near the curb facing the street and sort of teeter there – “back-to” as we used to say in Maine – until the storm of the stranger (me) passes.

Cuteness (Unfortunately) Knows No Bounds Department

In passing the above pod, one of the two young girls – who was not having a very happy birthday – was sulking a tad.  Her dad, trying to cheer her, called “Hey sulkster” and then I was out of earshot, somewhat quickly I might add.

Last of the Oregon photos

Love Theme from Life Is Beautiful


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