My grandkids read more than I do

Experiments have proved that if you artificially stabilize an image on the retina with a combination of special contact lenses and microelectronics, the image will vanish.

Sam Kean, The Tale of the Dueling Neurosurgeons

IMG_3361One of the first things that takes place when I get to Portland is that I accompany my son on his Monday morning commute to work, whether by car or bus.  I venture to the Lovejoy Cafe for an almond croissant and latte, then head to Powell’s Bookstore. Invariably I buy something for myself, something for the grandkids, and maybe something for my son who has zero time for pleasure reading.

I bought Sam Kean’s newest book, The Tale of the Dueling Neurosurgeons.  When the grandchildren came home from school, the oldest saw the book on the kitchen table and said, “Sam Kean!  He’s one of my favorite authors.”  The rascal had read Kean’s book about the periodic table.  So much for introducing T to a new author.

OK wiseguys, back to your reading and homework


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