The thug life is hard as is can be,
where night’s are siens and dying,
and day’s are violant.
I don’t know how this happen,
But all I can tell you,
It’s over a color,
People dying for blue,
People dying for red,
I see it as,
What’s the point,
what’s the main reason of fighting,
I don’t get it,
I wish I could
but then again,
I wish I don’t,
What’s the point,
Thug Life is Nothing but drama,
of dying,
Siens and Chains,
and hold bars,
People killing each other for a color,
enasent people end up dying,
for no reason at all,
Thug Life is not a place for ensasent people,
but what can they do?
Thug Life is all over the place,
even right next to you.

Jessica Gomez, Thug Life

IMG_3044 compI saw Carmen last night at the supermarket and she filled me in on all the gangster activity in town.  The day before I left for Portland I was walking up Ancha and had to stop due to police tape, which seemed to criss-cross the street for several blocks – I had to find an alternate route home.  C said a lady in an ice cream shop who was a “holder”, sort of a combination warehouse and bank drop for drug runners, had been killed.  She said it was the 11th murder – of Mexicans – in a week.  She said the uncle of a boy she had been sponsoring in school had also been gunned down in front of the family and the family has disappeared; she can’t imagine where because they have no money which is why she had paid for his uniform, books and supplies. I’ve been unable to find any writeups of these crimes, either in Spanish or English.

In 2014 the police blotter listed 33 homicides in San Miguel:  22 per 100,000, more than twice as much as New Orleans, the U.S. most deadly city.  This year, if C is correct with her number and if we add in the three Americans who have been murdered, the rate is slightly less than New Orleans’.

Los Zetas have been the gang with the most power, although La Familia from Michoacan has also been present.  I read somewhere of another cartel moving into the state,

The U.S. DEA shows a trend over the past ten years in a drop-off of cocaine trafficking and an increase in heroin.  This is thought to be a result of a clamp-down on the prescription of controlled substances in the U.S.  People (read mostly white, young middle-class people) are trading oxy for heroin.  Hence, there are more television shows featuring white parents talking about heroin addiction as a disease (where were they when it wasn’t white middle-aged kids on the drug?) and how their children picked up the addiction when they were prescribed oxy for recovery from sports injuries and surgeries. So, let me get this right:  it wasn’t their or their children’s responsibility to stop use of the prescribed medication:  it was their doctors’ fault.

The other C, Cynthia, was full of cheerfulness and news of blueberries and pizza.

The bilingual paper had an article about a waterpark and housing project for 1,200 homes that have been approved outside the city center.  The waterpark plans to include dolphins and seals.

I didn’t edit Jessica Gomez’s poem and the translation of La Romanina isn’t mine.

La Romanina

La Romanina

La romanina cantando,
Vien dal gianicolo in fiore,
Ti dà un’occhiata passando,
Ti mette il fuoco nel cuore.
E tutta roma
S’incantaEd ognuno le canta
Dicendo così:Lasciatela passare
La bella romanina
Che tutti fà incantare
Nel mentre che cammina.Ti fa provare la scossa
Con gli occhi d’assassina,
La bella romanina
Lasciatela passar.Quando la gente straniera
Vede la bella romana
Sente sbocciar primavera
Sente che il cuore risana.E tutta roma
Ed ognuno le canta
Dicendo così:

Lasciatela passare
La bella romanina
Che tutti fà incantare
Nel mentre che cammina.

Ti fa provare la scossa
Con gli occhi d’assassina,
La bella romanina
Lasciatela passar.

Romanina is singing,
She comes to the Gianicolo with a flower,
She gives you a look in passing,
and she puts fire in your heart.
And all Rome is enchantedAnd everybody sings
and says this:Allow the beautiful Romanina
to pass. She enchants us all when
she walks by.you’ll experience the shock
of those murderously beautiful eyes,
Allow her to pass.When strangers see the beautiful
they smell spring blossoms
they feel their heart restored.And all Roma is enchanted
And everybody sings
and says:

Allow The beautiful Romanina
to pass. She enchants everyone with
her walk.

You’ll experience the shock of
those murderously beautiful eyes,
Allow The beautiful Romanina
to pass.





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