It’s beginning to look (d)

We stop for two days and turn to people we love the most.

Lilla Hudoba, Christmas in Hungary

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Advent Calendar

Friday is my favorite day. It’s the only day for which I set an alarm. Rema will come sometime between 7 and 9 to take the trash to the truck, then Dolores will clean the casita beginning around 9. She does such a wonderful job I hate to set foot in it, or cook or even drop myself in front of the television. That’s also the day I change the bed linens and sometimes do the laundry.  I love the look and feel of the casita, the orderliness brought about by the day.

This past Sunday I made it to the UUs in time to donate my fruitcake, thus preventing (saving) me from eating any more of it.

Speaking of donations, there’s currently a toy gathering in San Miguel – as in many places around the world – here, it’s for children in the campo (countryside).  At first I thought it a nice idea and was ready to contribute; but, then, I realized it’s a bunch of white gringos dressing as Santa and gathering hundreds of kids about them. Does this smack of colonialism to you? Paternalism? A certain kind of grandstanding? It does to me, especially because I was taught to give so it didn’t appear as if there had been a gifting – sort of the opposite of Trump-eting. I’d prefer to see the gifts given to parents, many of whom are too poor to buy presents themselves, who then could give presents to their children on Three Kings’ Day, thus appearing as generous to their children as their spirits might prove. Why not deflect generosity?

Reader’s Digest

So here’s my mountain of reading for this holiday season:

  • Scott Simon wrote a nice piece for NPR on Mark Twain’s sweet letter to his 3-year daughter from Santa Claus.  You can read it here.
  • There is nothing perhaps more psychologically damaging than a Hallmark holiday TV feature.  Also found at NPR:  Linda Holmes’ humorous recap of this year’s torture (directed by Mariah Carey, no less).
  • One of the Mexican TV stations showed a Star Wars movie every night last week so I’m now caught up on the series (I’d only seen two of the films) and didn’t know how unevenly made they were. 52-year-old Nick Gillespie, the Libertarian columnist, believes the movies parallel the course of the boomer generation and the downfall of the United States: his complaint of the boomer generation reads much like the complaints made by the boomer generation when they were young:  the previous generation had gotten it all wrong.  His simplistic solution to a complex world is to let Libertarians run it so people can smoke cigarettes in public housing.
  • Hamilton Knowlan at Gawker documents more reasons why the revolution should come sooner than later with his piece on The Least Inspiring group of class warriors ever assembled in human history. His piece begins
  • You know that the ultrawealthy in America are getting nervous when they enlist Deepak Chopra in their showy, useless gestures about fixing income inequality.

  • On the Foreign Desk, Itxu Díaz writes of Spain’s recent elections at The Daily Beast: The Spanish Vote Bodes Ill for Europe’s Economy and Global Security

The most intelligent humor


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