High season

Special person,
if I were you I’d pay no attention
to admonitions from me,
made somewhat out of your words
and somewhat out of mine.
A collaboration.

Anne Sexton, Admonitions To A Special Person

IMG_3584This is high season for tourism in San Miguel and the men who work the garbage trucks are themselves taking some time to see the sights, be with family, and maybe get a little horseback riding in.  Garbage was piling up and paradise looked disheveled.  I knew something was up yesterday morning because Rema didn’t come (due to the holiday on Friday we changed the day).  I went up to Las Moras around 11 and saw piles of refuse.  When I came back from Centro in the afternoon, they were larger.  Cable news even televised the piles in Centro.

IMG_3561Throngs of people were headed to Centro today, so many that I thought there must have been a parade or significant event, but they were simply on their way to lunch or hang out in the Jardin or bars.

C was sitting in the Jardin and she talked about the usual: poor kids, misguided gringos, her search for a boyfriend, gangs, and women.

From Laura Bates’ column

on the Women’s Blog at The Guardian

In Mexico, women started a nationwide outcry against sexual harassment in the workplace after a male TV presenter attempted to lift his female colleague’s skirt and touch her breasts on music programme A Toda Maquina. After the female presenter, Tania Reza, stormed off the set, her male co-host turned to the camera and said: “Excuse me, but my colleague is a bit hormonal.” After peoples’ initial shock wore off, it was the women who raised their voices in protest who ensured issues of discrimination and harassment in the workplace remained a talking point for days afterwards.

Mexican women have also shared some of their stories of workplace harassment with the Everyday Sexism Project. One woman reports being told by her employers about “the power of the miniskirt”. Another was asked, in an important business meeting, “Why do you work so hard intellectually, if you are a good looking woman?” A university student aiming for a high-flying career in medicine was told by her professor: “Calledita, te ves mas bonita.” (“You look prettier when you shut up.”)

Amy Macdonald

Oh my dance is getting slower now,
Cause my years they’re getting older now.
And my eyes, they won’t cry.
My tears have all run dry.
And my memory doesn’t get me very far,
I can’t remember my name or exactly who you are.
And I don’t know why, no I don’t know why.

Will you please believe
I’m not the person you see,
I left that body long ago.
I left it way back there.
Will you please believe,
Given all that you see,
I left that body long ago
But somehow nobody knows.

So goodbye,
You were my world and my life.
And I don’t know why
You’ve lost your mother, lost your wife.
But there’s more,
Something more than meets the eye.
This is not the end,
This is only goodbye.

Will you please believe
I’m not the person you see,
I left that body long ago.
I left it way back there.
Now I’m free, I’m as happy as can be.
I just wanted you to know
That I left that body long ago.
So long ago


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