Private detectiving

In tango, the relationship between lead and follower, man and woman, is so intense and all consuming, that there is simply no time for small talk. The last man I danced with, I know more intricately in many ways than his lover: I know that he perspires in a tiny spot above his brow; that when the dance slows and our connection is tight, his breathing almost stops; that when my leg sweeps his, he arches his neck imperceptibly upwards; that when another couple got too close he subconsciously enclosed me in a protective embrace; and that his hand rested so delicately on the flesh of my back. Yet all I know about him are his name and his country of origin. Small talk is a luxury not afforded to us tango addicts.

Anastasia Demaggio

IMG_3613 compThey say that you can see something new every time you take a walk in San Miguel – even on streets you’ve walked a hundred times or more.  I’m clueless as to why I hadn’t previously noticed this stone window with security bars.

I had checked the movie theater – Cine Bacco – on the other side of town last week to see whether it had been shuttered, and it hadn’t – causing me to “hmm” the situation as why would Pocket Theater have been closed and not Cine Bacco?  Today Pocket Theater was open for business, so Carmen was misinformed about it’s having been closed by authorities.

IMG_3611 compYesterday I shopped at Mega, the chain supermarket owned by Costco or some company like that, where I bought ground beef.  Perhaps unsurprisingly only the outer layer was pinkish, which is sort of the opposite of ground beef I’ve purchased in the U.S. where the exterior browns as it oxidizes and the interior remains pink.

IMG_3610The bathroom sink has been draining slowly, so today I put some Harpic De-stop in it and despite its super strong ammonia scent, the container is neither child- nor septuagenarian-proofed.  It’s interesting how different countries view safety and self-responsibility and control.  In Hungary it’s only possible to buy aspirin from pharmacies; in the U. S. you can buy it from convenience stores.

The fried ice cream spot where the drug-warehousing woman got shot up and expired is re-opening, staying with a sweet theme. When I first came to San Miguel it was a cheese and bread shop and cupcake shop. The cupcakes are now sold from the three-stool coffee shop across the street.


On Ice


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