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To venture causes anxiety, but not to venture is to lose one’s self…. And to venture in the highest is precisely to be conscious of one’s self.

Søren Kierkegaard

Written before leaving for the U.S. on 16 February

Buying the airline ticket to Europe put a dent in my checking account and I needed to pay next month’s casita rent before I leave for the U.S. tomorrow.  So before I going to the bank, I checked to see whether the British Air transaction had cleared.  It hadn’t, so … do I have a ticket or not?  I’m waiting to hear back from British Airways. [it eventually cleared so I have the non-refundable ticket]

I’ve spent much of the last few days packing and emptying and repacking various suitcases and bags.  Basically I’ve been trying to pack for two immediate destinations (the Bay Area and then Portland) this trip and one future destination. Here’s the thinking that went into packing (under the assumption that I had a ticket to Europe):

  • Leave spring/summer clothing in San Miguel so that it can be later packed for Hungary (Take one piece of luggage and one carry-on to Europe – none of the carry-ons are currently in Mexico)
  • There’s probably six cases of stuff that needs to fit into five cases, so that means coming back with a case that will later be deposited into storage
  • Keep everything under 22 kilos
  • Pack winter clothes for storage in California and later retrieval (this coming fall, maybe) for Hungary
  • Pack household stuff for storage in California or to give to the family in Oregon
  • Try to not take any luggage to Oregon (lack of storage there), so anything headed that way gets boxed and shipped or carried


I walked to the bus depot this morning to buy the ticket to go to Mexico City and the price is up 10 percent over my last trip of last year.  The neighborhood chicken roaster has bumped his price 5 pesos (7 percent) and Hershey’s powdered cocoa is now about 10 percent more in the super market. At the dairy store milk is up 10 percent (in two price increases) since the beginning of the year.  Today’s exchange rate was 19:1. When I first moved to the casita the rent was about 5,400 pesos; now, it’s over 8,000 (the rent is constant in U.S. dollars).

Continuing survey results

So far two are in favor of the Budapest decision and one is against and the Dane has no opinion.  One of the two has been there and loves the city.  The naysayer was there as well and thinks leaving San Miguel for anywhere is a tad foolish.

Giant Steps (Coltrane)

Joey Alexander has come into prominence with a Grammy appearance and a 60 Minutes interview, but he was a big deal when he was eight years old—playing with maturity and skill—and before that, at just six, playing with a wonderful appreciation for jazz.


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