decision made, finally

All our final decisions are made in a state of mind that is not going to last.


guilty partyWe had good internet service for about four days and then it disintegrated again, and as each day passed with service drops occurring multiple times per minute—infuriating me as I would be online just long enough to enter some information into the computer but not long enough to send the information off, The line would drop and I’d have to wait a minute or more to transmit the 20 seconds worth of information that I’d typed. And with each line drop the chalkboard of stay vs. go had another tally in the go column.

Ah, you’re saying, why not go to a café and use the ‘net there? Well, my computer is old enough that it doesn’t have a “connect automatically” feature. It wants to know the unique number of the router in addition to the password. And no barista seems to know how to find a router’s ID number.

Saturday I had my hair done and the owner was away and had left the salon in care of her assistant, a woman who normally does color quite well. But she isn’t a stylist and her English isn’t as good as my Spanish, which wasn’t up to the task of communicating what I wanted done. This added to my frustration level and another chalk mark for going.

Then I saw the movie The Dressmaker, starring Kate Winslet and Judy Davis, which despite their performances, wasn’t very satisfying. A thin plot, lame characterizations, a telegraphing story line all left me wondering how something so promising could be so disappointing. Chalk marks everywhere, regardless whether they had anything to do with going somewhere else.

From a financial perspective the best option is to stay in Mexico, and no matter how I’ve played with the numbers of Mexico vs. Hungary vs. U.S., Mexico has always come out on top. But yesterday I made a hotel reservation in Budapest—I actually found several that claim to be smoke-free—and I bought an airline ticket to go to the Bay Area where I’ll catch the Budapest flight, and I notified the landlords that I’d be leaving. It took almost two hours to accomplish those three things with the network being so uncooperative. Today I bought the bus ticket to go to Mexico City.  The flight to Budapest leaves the 27th of this month.

It’s possible I could flip-flop some more, but I’ve made it challenging for myself to do so. Not having internet access makes it that much more difficult. So many people love the “cloud,” but clouds, like genies, are fleeting.

George Ezra, Budapest

“Most nations have a history, Hungarians have Fate.”


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