Insomnia Part 1 – Budapest – delayed post

franz liszt airportnotes from the day I left Budapest

had had to pack for overnight in Stockholm, then learned I couldn’t leave bags with airline – would have to use left luggage

will have to recheck them

1 hr to airport, completely packed 1030 am bus

counter personnel didn’t see stockholm to oakland part of trip and so I had another panic, then they understood long overnight layover in Stockholm

checkin was very quick

long line for security that moved quite quickly

inside by 1120 or so

2 euros in pocket triggered patdown

English signs everywhere

shops – American design, feel, kfc, burger king

american kids talking drinks – tea, lemonade, whopper mystery at KFC then saw bk sign

internet didn’t work – 2 hour limit – remembered me from yesterday

departure delayed from 14:40 to 19:00 – no information on the delay

gave us coupons for food

had gulyasleves – faint hint of caraway


kitti emailed with apartment availability

after rejecting me for so long, Budapest is suddenly doing what it can to keep me here

it seems that when you have to struggle and work for something, it becomes so much harder to let it go, to give up on it, to say no to it

wifi finally connected but by then battery had only 10 minutes of charge left.

people went to service desk but no one knew why – it was for vouchers

no announcement of delay, anticipated departure

nothing on departure screens

radar problems at Stockholm

we were in the plane on the ground for more than an hour


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