Insomnia Part 2 – Stockholm – delayed post

get in at 9 pm instead of 5 pm so my plans for exploring Stockholm or some other city are shot, and my ideas for finding a hotel are gone too

had to collect luggage – not transferred

find my way to food & shopping area in Terminal 5, Stockholm’s is a huge airport

23 euros for lasagne side salad latte – would have been equivalent of 18 euros if I’d had Swedish kroner

amy macdonald song stays with me – “where you gonna sleep tonight?” – I’m 70 years old, not 17 – I should have answers to questions like this long before the situation is upon me, but then this is a new era of air travel

of all the hundreds of people in the airport, who should sit next to me it’s 2 Hungarians, a young man and woman couple who do so

and on the other side a middle-aged Hungarian couple

airport is cold, as others have reported – air con makes it chilly

carts – europe does it better, free – makes life so much easier

awake through the night, but many do find sleep:  on concrete, window ledges, putting cafe tables together

In Europe there isn’t the incessant loudspeaker telling you to watch your bags, that they might be confiscated

man with hiccups began singing

sky getting light at 3, but with electricity that means nothing

airport feels like any other business/retail space – could be anywhere except for this large crowd of people sleeping anywhere they can put their head down – it’s like the outside world has moved inside, like the middle class has become homeless

strange to hear a language which I haven’t a clue is being said – I’ve managed to understand the slightest bit of Hungarian, but Swedish is out of realm

Norwegian Air may be a deal, but you have to build a hotel room into your cost – or go days without sleep

between terminals 4 and 5, a bed-and-rest hotel concept – rooms have beds, shared shower and w.c.

overnight and By the hour

brings the hooker concept back into play

room really restful – quiet, calming, dark, but with just enough light

communal shower

no washcloths, but shower gel, towel provided

busy airport – hard to negotiate through the crowds – not many seats at gates, but many seats in eating/drinking businesses

non EU flights depart from separate area – has a smoking room

upstairs no one on observation deck except for father and son

everyone is in lower room

board and depart from front and back of some planes

long layovers due to bigger jets – fewer flights


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