Recharge & Of Cats and Kids

After returning to the U.S. I spent a few days with Max and was able to recharge – and to miss the puzzle of making Budapest work. We did some fun things, including visiting the Marin Civic Center building that Frank Lloyd Wright designed.  She published some photos on her blog (click here to see them), we had some good food (again, photos on her blog) and then I took the overnight Amtrak to Portland. I didn’t think I’d sleep, and I didn’t.  A woman coughed her way through her 12-hour portion of the journey and I worried about this and that and my usual travel insomnia kicked in.

Continuing the theme of serendipity and stuff falling into one’s lap, a friend of J’s owns a house; in that house dwells a woman and her two sons, one of whom goes to school with one of my grandchildren, and so, of course given the way things have been occurring, my son knows this woman who rents from J’s friend.  The woman has found a house to buy and is moving out about the same time that my son needs to leave his apartment due to its new owners remodeling the complex.  Of course the house is a three bedroom.  So we all have a place to live.

A number of years ago there was a cartoon about the Katzenjammer kids.  Here are the Cats and Kids in Jammies. Cats have taken over the lives; on Saturday, when the temperature hit a 100 degrees farenheit, we went to hear a Cat Rapper at Crafty Wonderland.


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