First world nuisances #2398 & #2399

truckI’m talking about blogging of course. Blogs have to be designed and the easiest way to design one’s posts is by using a theme, which makes sure things will look nice, and that everything (such as text and art) goes into its proper place. There are several varieties of themes, and many variations on those varieties. Some cost money and some are free. I use free themes, of course. There are themes oriented more towards words than art and vice versa. Some are designed in what is called “magazine” style and others in “blog” style and others in … oh, it’s not necessary to go into that.

Some themes are designed to excerpt one’s text, taking the first words and putting them underneath or beside an illustration.  I most always like to quote other writers and their words become the first words of my post: if the quote is brief, then some of my words get – in the current parlance – mashed with those of the person whom I’m quoting, so the excerpt begins to look like gibberish.  If it’s a long quotation, then none of my words show up.

Many themes offer a tool called “Featured Image:” some make the featured image the size of a Broadway marquee while others place the featured image on the “home” page and not on the “post” page.

That’s why you’ll see me switching themes so often. I’m in search of one that shows a picture, excerpts my words, and … well … yadda-yadda as the character Elaine used to say on Seinfeld.

Lizzy Caplan

From a post dated four years ago in which Lizzy gets her boyfriend to reformat her blog.


I bought a new computer earlier this year and its keyboard is different from those that I’ve previously used.

For example, the location of Power On/Off is where the delete key was formerly located, so I’m constantly turning the machine off when I simply want to delete the last character.  If I were able to retrain my pinky from shutting the power off I would, but I can’t, so I’m thinking of using something like a muzzle on it – perhaps taping it to the ring finger.

The computer came with Windows 10 as an operating system and I think the operating system is not designed for Luddites such as myself who use the computer as a typewriter. I don’t swipe – left or right – yet the computer wants me to and I constantly find the cursor having moved from its desired and coveted “next character” position to somewhere (sometimes) deep in previous paragraphs.  I think I’m typing “the quick grey fox” when the computer (silently laughing to itself) is forming “If it’s a long quothe quick grey foxtation then…”



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