Car Wash

car-washA few years ago the Mega grocery store chased out of its parking lot the guys who washed cars in the lot. A hue and cry went up among some of the English-speaking community regarding the “poor” guys who were simply trying to make some money and then there were the defenders of the Mega property, whose water was being used: those defenders claimed that the water wasn’t the property of the car washers, in fact they were stealing it and a business has a right to control what happens on its turf.

Well, the guys went across the roadway to Pollo Feliz and set up shop. They’ve advanced beyond suds and buckets and now have gadgets like that shown in the photo. It’s mostly vehicles owned by Mexicans who now get the deluxe treatment and, as mentioned in a previous post, Pollo Feliz is performing an extensive remodel and expansion.

Rose Royce


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