Class 2

No one in this world deserves pain
No one in this world deserves hate
No one deserves tears, or to fear
Nobody deserves it

Barbarossa, Dark Hopes

So today was the second ESL class and there were five returnees and one new alumno, or student. So I considered the first class to be something of a success. One person that I thought would drop out didn’t, and one person I thought for certain would return, didn’t.

One person voiced a concern that we weren’t doing a lot of verbs, so I explained that the materials on the web had a ton o’ verbs, and that right now I was using the same ones over and over so they could see patterns, and they all liked that. It seems most of the students weren’t able to make sense of my directions for using the class’s web site, so I did a demo and that made folks happy, too. As did the galletas, cookies, that I brought to class.

img_4706My internet problem might be solved by using the big screen TV that’s in the room, if I can find a power cord and buy a HDMI cable.

Carmen and I are getting together for coffee tomorrow and Delia and I traded emails, so we’ll get together soon.  She’s set her sights on Everest, like the mountain.

Dark Hopes


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