Why I need the internet

parkedAs many of you know I’ve been investigating how to get to Europe and stay there for a while and I’ve gotten hooked on the idea of teaching. There’s a program that offers placement for Americans (and other native English speakers) in Hungarian schools and this week they’ve been in touch to say that openings are starting to appear for the fall term as teachers end their contracts or change schools. Hungary differs from many countries in that there doesn’t appear to be an upper age limit for work permits and the schools don’t seem to discriminate based on age.

The first school that was offered was an elementary school on an island that both is and isn’t part of Budapest. About 10 years ago two teachers were shot and killed at point-blank range, and a few years ago there was a group of Macedonians on the island (it’s in the Danube and it’s about 43 km long) were executing folks, sometimes by burying them alive. Those weren’t the only reasons I declined the opportunity to live on Csepel Sziget as it was also a manufacturing center for heavy industry during Soviet times, but the main reason is I feel I can’t be in an elementary classroom, although I understand Hungarian students are different from American kids.

The next position – which I’m considering – is in western Hungary, in the town of Zalaegerszeg.  It seems a few years ago a German teacher was chaperoning  a start of term party. Apparently the teens were playing truth or dare and making bigger and bigger dares for each other and the teacher, in her mid-20s, decided to join in. They dared her to do some pole dancing and, as might many teachers, she started taking off her clothes. She had not proceeded very far when another teacher (nationality not specified) stopped her performance and draped some clothing over her.

Despite pressure and protests from parents – and some teachers – the school’s headmaster refused to fire the unnamed mistress despite pressure from parents and other teachers.

According to the UK newspaper The Sun, “I was forced to give the German teacher a warning, but I will not dismiss her because she is a valuable teacher for our institution,” said headmaster Sandor Rozman.

He claimed she had shown no more flesh “than you would see on a beach”.

That’s my kind of administrator.

From the movie Dangerous Minds


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