Bits and pieces

There’s a fork in the road in front of me,
At the crossroads of identity.

The Unlikely Candidates

redSaturday afternoon and downtown was totally crowded, there were long lines of traffic about town and I can just hear the complaints from long timers about things not being like they used to be. Adding to the congestion are sidewalks in various stages of reconstruction. The weekend is one of those perfect storms: the beginning of the month, so some folks received their pay at the end of January and are shopping, Candlearia has begun, and the writer’s conference is about to begin. It was a long weekend as Sunday was Constitution Day, which was celebrated Monday. The bank where I usually get cash had a line at the ATM – most days there’s no one in line.

We had a big thunderstorm with rain just before Candlearia, the first such rain since I’ve been here this trip, although not the first rain. Throughout the night the intermittent downpours sounded wonderful.

During the ESL classes I’ve noticed that I consistently write from left to right with an upward slant on the whiteboard – it’s said that to do so is a sign of an optimist, much like those who plant trees. I certainly don’t think of myself as one.

I went back to the tortilleria to take a photo of the “buy Mexican” notice, but it was gone.  Maybe the owner or manager didn’t think it such a good idea with it being high season, and it’s probably better that the message be by word of mouth.

The property has been shown a number of times this week, and it’s become a bit of a nuisance tidying up so often. But this complaint could become moot as I heard from the agency regarding teaching jobs in Hungary and they’ve submitted my name for a position that would begin – if I were selected – as soon as I could get there in early March.  While not a shoo-in, the agency feels I have a strong chance as they are replacing another agency’s placement, a teacher the school didn’t want to extend – and no, it wasn’t the pole dancing German woman. The situation could be interesting as my commitment would only be for the spring term, and it could serve as a trial run for a longer-term placement. There are a number of expenses related to taking the position – the most significant being airfare – and I’ve calculated that it’s almost a break-even situation with free housing.

I realized I hadn’t taken photos in a while, so I took a few from the hip as I walked around town; some I’ve added to posts made earlier in the week.  The rest are below.

Zoe Keating, Optimist


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