Oh what have I done now

So Monday I learned the secondary school in Zalaegerszeg accepted my application, which is really stretching a poinvillaget because all they had on which to base a decision was my CV. So when I received word that I’d been accepted I set out to start closing shop here and make the move there.

Then I trotted off to class today and I thought the class went really well with students reading at a high level and they “got” just about everything right off the bat.  The nurse who comes an hour earlier than everyone else was outstanding with her grasp of new medical vocabulary and ways to talk to patients. So I kind of bounced my way home.

These days I don’t normally watch the news on TV, but while flipping channels from one episode of Tim Allen to another and one episode of Charlie Sheen to another, I happened to glimpse part of a story from the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire Programme and that’s when I did the head slap and face plant.

Here’s the link to the article about a southern Hungarian town that confirms the worst of what I’d heard and read about the far right in Hungary. The article includes the TV show’s video. Today’s artwork is from the BBC’s article.

Shoes along the Danube


4 thoughts on “Oh what have I done now

  1. It’s the other side of the country and not indicative of Hungary as a whole. Seg is a lovely spot. Zala county is one of Hungary’s hidden gems.

  2. Val,Were you planning to go to this particular village or to the city of Budapest?  Is it possib

    • Mary – not all of your comment came through, but to answer your question, no I’m not headed to that town, but my concern is some Hungarians, as are citizens of some other countries, are becoming gripped by fear and the fear causes some people to behave violently and others to behave silently and it’s easy for people of color or of a different ethnicity or nationality or social outlook to fall prey. The town with the teaching opportunity is in western Hungary and the town in the BBC story is in the south, near Szeged.

      • Yep – I know – I sometimes live not far from Seg and for all my foreigness, I’ve yet to experience anything other than hospitality. Hungary is no different from any other country – you reap what you sow. You’ll enjoy it.

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