Silk Road

Revenge with beauty

We all need hope.

Words from The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble

I saw P&B earlier this week and mentioned that real estate agents and brokers in San Miguel probably outnumber artists in this “artists’ colony” and they said it reminded them of 2006, just before the real estate bubble burst. The difference, they say, is that in 2006 there were a lot of mom and pop operations and now the salespeople are hooking up with established brokers.  I think there’s a little of both taking place because a number of new offices have opened.

I don’t know whether the second trend is related to the first or not, but it seems there are now so many more places to get food – not sit-down restaurant food, but take-away, or as I like to refer to it, “stain your new threads” food. It seems that on Las Moras where there were none, we have a bunch of pop-up storefronts offering food as well as two sit-down places.  And it seems that on Calle Cinco de Mayo, the main street of my colonia, Allende, there are food vendors popping up inside of food vendors as well as two more restaurants.

pharmacy-1Trend number 3, probably a direct consequence of the first two, is that new, pharmacies are popping up.

D&R told me that real estate taxes have been raised and there’s a tax on the sale of homes, both of which are probably fueling the craze in sidewalk repair and which might also have been the funding for the monstrous head sculptures that line the Salida a Queretaro.

Last week I saw the documentary movie about the Silk Road ensemble on TV (a Mexican university channel – not on KCTS9, the American PBS station which seems to broadcast nothing but reruns of British shows that were reruns several years ago and the constant quasi-fundraising from shows about yoga, making your brain stronger, investing and changing your diet). I thought The Music of Strangers would be background music while I cleaned up after dinner, but I became totally riveted by the stories from musicians, some of whom cannot or will not return to their native lands, who made new lives for themselves after wars and revolutions fragmented their worlds. One musician said “I don’t know who writes the scripts for revolutions, but they are all the same,” and so, one must take revenge using beauty.


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