One day I saw him crossing the street; he was holding a blind woman by the arm. He didn’t actually want to cross the street; he had nowhere to go to anyway. His cardboard and his groceries where [sic] just outside the hotel; his home was that very street. I watched in awe, amazed ; that little man, had offered to help a blind young woman while he himself had been taking nothing from those around him…I only saw them for a moment before they disappeared into the crowd but that image is deeply rooted inside me ; I bring it to the surface and relive it every time I find myself questioning humanity. She was blind; she couldn’t see his rugged clothes or his dirty hands, maybe she could smell him? She couldn’t have known that this man faced no kindness yet he had enough in himself, enough in order to give back. As I watched them for that brief moment I bid him farewell and wished him love.

Valentine Stavrou, from The homeless and the blind- a memoir



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