I’ll be a tree, if you are its flower,
Or a flower, if you are the dew-
I’ll be the dew, if you are the sunbeam,
Only to be united with you.

from I’ll be a tree, Petofi Sandor

KokárdaWednesday is a national holiday, the celebration of the 1848-49 revolution and war of independence against the Habsburg Empire.  There was a ceremony on Tuesday at school when I heard the national hymn (Himnusz) for the first time (the lyrics are a poem by Kölcsey Ferenc for whom our school is named) and a student read a very moving poem she had written.

After the ceremony this morning I met a Deputy Director of the school district and he asked if I would be going to the city ceremony tomorrow, and I said I would.  He asked how I liked the school, the city, the students, the apartment:  I told him all was well and he seemed pleased to hear all that.

Almost all stores will be closed tomorrow, so there was a rush to the stores today and Penny was sold out of bread when I was there at 7 p.m.


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