Midweek +1

Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.

Camille Pissarro

Misc. notes

The paprika I bought has much more kick than any I’d purchased in the U.S., although it might not have more flavor.

I am back on Facebook ’cause mah chilluns’ needs me be der. I needed to create a FB group for the English classes. So I’m now in two places at once.

The walk home today was in absolute glorious weather. A first. Small flowers have been poking through the earth since I’ve been here (can it really be just two weeks?).

I’ve witnessed two name day celebrations at school and the person having the name day seems to get to bake the most wonderful treats for everyone else. The home-baked pastries have been exquisite.  Today’s haul is pictured. Name days – not birthdays – are celebrated by students and those in the workplace.  Birthdays are saved for family celebrations.  The name days evolved out of saints’ days. Luckily there isn’t one for me so I’m out of the baking competition.  I wouldn’t be able to compete with what I’ve seen.

There’s a nice variety of flavors to fruit juices here and I don’t mean apple or grape or peach.  I mean that if you buy four brands of apricot juice, they will have distinct apricot flavors: if it comes from Slovenia, it will taste different than if it comes from the Czech Republic. How wonderful that not everything (yet) has the official Coca Cola flavor.

I’ve been without television for two weeks – that’s a first in the past 30 or so years. I don’t know whether there’s withdrawal going on or not.

I have more respect for teachers than ever.

The photos are of the teachers’ office and our coat rack, which doesn’t suffice and there are hangers on another wall. Our school is highly ranked: it’s number five in the nation for its size and type but one notices that even good schools can’t take advantage of … gifts.  We have a relatively new printer that was gifted and isn’t used because there is no budget for ink cartridges.  Someone gave the English Department a set of speakers for computers …. that are about ten years out of date and can’t be used because they’re dual-jacks and laptops now use single-jacks.  Things take up space because … one never knows when one might need it when the real shortage comes along.  For most English classes there are no textbooks – teachers make copies of relevant pages as handouts. I was in the tech support room and the equipment there is from a series of decades. All that is immaterial:  the students are smart, the teachers good, and these kids are light years ahead of many American and Mexican students. Just like I said I had a soft landing in Mexico, so it is with this teaching position.  I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

 All those things that don’t change, come what may


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