Time is tight

From time to time
The clouds give rest
To the moon beholders…

Matsuo Basho

I’m having a challenge with my sense of time … I often have a busy morning with two to four classes, and by the end of the last class at 10:30 or 11 I feel like I’ve missed lunch and it’s 3 p.m. or later, but then a few hours later, after the last afternoon class, I step outdoors into sunlight and warm air and I have at least three hours of sunlight left in the day.

The teachers hired for the spring session will soon need to decide whether they want to return for the fall and it’s going to be difficult for me to decide.  It’s terrific in concept, but I don’t know the reality of it.  I feel somewhat apartment-bound due to my lack of language skills – to figure out how to get anywhere – timetables and ticket prices and such – is more than my energy and attention span can tolerate these days … on weekends it’s enough to run errands and negotiate obstacles around those petty tasks.
z map
I always thought if I did Hungary, I’d be doing it from Budapest … When I was ordering my cappuccino and “snail” (csiga – a pastry spiral with a chocolate filling), a colleague came up and ordered and she was raving about the chocolate muffins (which I’ve tried) and when I told her I thought they were nagyon finom (very good), she just about dropped her coffee. Yesterday the lead teacher was hinting about my plans for next year … So, the questions are language, isolation, winter, and lack of contact with everyone in the U.S. and can I sort those things out within a month? I now have a Hungarian social security number.

Booker T

Even without 3/4 of the original MGs, this song still has a powerful momentum & could anyone be cooler or look more dapper than Booker T?


One thought on “Time is tight

  1. Aha! I guess I thought you would start a blog with a new name so it’s taken way too long for me to read this! I learned a new dicho recently…Las cabras fueron al monte. Happens to me far too often. It means having a brain fart, basically.
    Hungary sounds like a challenge. Perhaps a bigger one than anticipated? Any chance you could transfer to a school in Budapest? No gringo social clubs I presume. Your brain must ache by the end of the day since it must be working overtime dealing with language and all the other challenges continually. I hope you have no regrets and that things get easier. We miss you! Keep writing, please. Deb

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