Luxuriosity + coffee

… it was time to set examinations at the Institute for Advanced Study and Einstein handed the exam papers to his teaching assistant who asked, “Isn’t this the same exam you gave this class last year?”

“Yes, yes it is.”

“But how can you give the same exam to this class two years in a row?”

“Because,” Einstein replied, “the answers have changed.”

Knowing I had no reason to get up [I had joined the little hordes at the groceries yesterday instead of fighting the mobs that will be there today, Thursday, and again on Saturday] and knowing I could stay up late [which I did], the clock-out time was 1:30 a.m. and the wake-up was at 9 a.m. Luxurious.

Then I made coffee.  Not with the Trouble Master, but with a French press I’d bought during yesterday’s stroll about town.  Found in a little shop that sells wedding presents, shot glasses, bows and ribbons, wine glasses, little glass jars (which I also bought, for herb and spices – which are sold here in foil packets or in bulk, so one doesn’t get a little plastic or glass container automatically), beer glasses, wrapping paper, and other trinkets suitable for aiding one’s drinking habit when the marriage goes south (which at least 50% do in Hungary), the device makes perhaps one mug of undetermined quantity (350-360 ml? 12 oz?).

The wonder of this particular French press is not just its inseparable glass and metal and purchase price sticker, but its instruction booklet, which, with 13 languages and pocket size, features a typeface of .25 point. I think it’s very clever of the domotti people, if that’s who they really are, the makers of my “coffee, tea and herb maker” [their words], to get so many languages into such a small space (the coffee, tea and herb version of the bible on a grain of sand). Here’s a photo of the 2×3 inch (8×10 cm) booklet.


Its accordion fold opens to about 16 inches (42 cm). I might point out that drawing #3, timing, is not quite accurate as the plunger does not go deep into the depths by itself but remains attached to the filtering apparatus, which does go deep into the depths.

Because I’m experienced in this kind of thing, I was confident in my competence.

So, for the first time at this apartment, I was ready to drink coffee – in the morning or at any time.

And I did indeed have my coffee.  Luxury #2.

moreI had promised a photo of the carroty non-chocolate treat.  Here it is.  Along with a tad more chocolate and some other candy.

Luxury #3 is having plenty of time to make the bed.

Luxury #4 is writing in the morning.

Luxury #5 is the lilacs that now color the walkways and I think walkways are one more thing which Hungarians do extremely well. Not many right angles here; the pathways wind their way around buildings and through parks giving one the impression that one has leisure, even when one does not.  Benches are another thing that Hungarians do well.  You’ll find them in surprising places and again, if you don’t have the time to sit, the benches remind you that maybe you should find the time to sit in this spot that is not at a bus stop, that is not in a park, that is not where many people might cross your path,

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One thought on “Luxuriosity + coffee

  1. Walking (up!) in the Alfama in Lisbon with my friend Jenni, we found there was always a bench just when we most needed one. She’d say: around the next bend there will be a vista and a bench, and a little place to have a coffee! There was!

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