2 outta 3 ain’t bad or, in other words, sublime

I started writing this a few days ago, before the rains came. So, here’s the 2 outta 3 portion:

I had two of my troublesome classes today [today being a few days ago] and they were terrific.

I gave the 9th graders a real world problem to solve, told them they could use Hungarian to solve the problem, but they had to present the solution in English and they just knocked it down, tore it apart, solved it elegantly and presented almost flawlessly.  They solved the problem better than the adults in the real world had.

Then it was time for the noisy guys, the 10th grader guys [who said “no way” to drama, to play reading, to doing just about anything] and their female counterparts who hide behind cell phones and makeup chatter. I gave them 12 Angry Men to read and they devoured it. I didn’t have to prompt them to act it out, to speak up, to project. Most just took to it and the shy ones, after a bit, I could see them edging into action during next week’s class.

There’s a sense of feeling good at finding something for them to get excited about, but there’s a much bigger sense of feeling good at watching them rip into things, seeing them get excited. I know it won’t happen often, so it’s to be cherished when it happens.

Ain’t nothin, nothin, nothin like the Pointer Sisters


And then there was today

villanyThe first two classes were canceled because the students were at a recital given by a classical pianist (what they won’t do to get away from the class room!). That gave me a little extra time to put together my spiel for the remaining three classes regarding the final exam. I’m sneaking mine in at the end of May so there are no excuses from the students about needing to study for competing exams like physics or biology. All three classes were totally shocked that they’d have to do a final in my class, the one they often use as a study hall. When I told them they had to talk for 5 minutes (five minutes! we can’t do that … no way) about three video clips (when are we going to watch them, today? we’ll never be able to watch three full movies, how am I going to watch videos?) that are 2 to 5 minutes long …. so they got over it, and we got into some fun things, some exercises that got them thinking and some that had them laughing and the week was over.

This is a long weekend as Monday is Labor Day and there’s a festival in town where one can eat langos and other deep-fried treats.  There’s a Palincka festival taking place as well where one could easily get well hammered on the distilled fruit headache inducer.

I went to the market next door to the school to wait out the rain, bought a St. Agur blue cheese. When I was back at the apartment I listened to Santana and his wife Cindy Blackman on a Youtube video from the Montreux Jazz Festival while the blue softened, poured a red Villány from Gere Tamás és Zsolt, cut some bread extremely thin and toasted it, spread the blue, then listened to four legends (Nile Rodgers, Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams and Daft Punk) rehearse, and that’s where the sublime came in. The bread isn’t terrific, the wine isn’t superb, the cheese has a little ammonia kick.  It’s rainy and a bit cold. But sublime, nevertheless.

Music – infinite – sublime.


One thought on “2 outta 3 ain’t bad or, in other words, sublime

  1. Great job motivating 9th and 10th graders… that takes genius sometimes. good job as well on your choice of fromage 🙂

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