There is no complete spiritual life without music, for the human soul has regions which can be illuminated only by music.

Kodály Zoltán

This year the Zalaegerszeg Festival (which began last week and which runs for a month) celebrates the 770th anniversary of the first written mention of it.

z festEverybody else may have known about it, but I learned of the festival nine days into its celebration via Facebook when I received a copy of the poster from the promoters. Based on my walk into the center of town yesterday, I think there’s a disconnect with the advert photo and reality.  Perhaps on another day or evening the crowd will appear.

770zOne of my colleagues asked me to review something she’d written for publication, which I did gladly and the next day she asked what she could do for me, and I mentioned there was nothing, that I’d been glad to have helped. She’s a traditionalist and perhaps the most critical of my colleagues. She was one of those who hadn’t heard that I was staying and when I told her, she seemed genuinely pleased.  Her husband is a sculptor and several of his pieces are featured around town.  He recently completed a recreation of Zalaegerszeg as it was thought to have looked 770 years ago.

When I turned the corner to head back to the apartment, at the corner where a McDonald’s marks the intersection of a main highway and a mostly pedestrian shopping area, there were photos of graduating classes from each of the three secondary schools in three of the McD’s windows. It’s that kind of town.

Kodály Cello Sonata


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