From a distance

Yuk. How many yuppy-duppy, mampy-pampy, fatty-lahiti’ girly-boy concoctions are we going to have to suffer through before we drink real coffee?

David Bragg, as quoted on the BBC’s The Fake News Show

Ramblings (Paris @ 35 & 37 degrees)

The first two days of this Paris trip have been extremely hot.

At the Rodin gallery:  two people just couldn’t understand why the security guard wanted them to check their backpacks. Maybe they didn’t understand that the museum primarily houses sculptures and the museums are very crowded.

At the Musee d’Orsay: a man was sketching a sculpture when a much younger woman noticed him and walked up behind him to snap a photo of the man, his sketch, and the sculpture. She wasn’t suave enough to silence the digital camera/phone, so it “clicked” as she photographed him, which greatly annoyed the man, she ran off and the man, too angry to continue, stopped sketching.



I saw a FB post of a music video.  It was a song describing an Asian-American girl’s youth with a mother who trained her to be docile, compliant, to live for others, not herself; she later has a daughter whom she allows to live her own life. The comments that came in included typical mansplaining, such as “this song is about a woman who’s telling her daughter that she wishes she’d never been born” as well as the “my mother certainly didn’t raise me to be like that”, which proves 1) the commentator has little empathy and 2) the song isn’t about your story, it’s the songwriter’s story.


If Europe weren’t struggling so mightily with its own right-week anarchists and nation-state destroyers and looters of the pubic weal, it would be laughing harder at the President of the United States.  As it is, Trump’s inability to grasp the significance of anything related to running a nation is – or behaving with civility  – is fodder for British and other comics.

Support for slavery…

Never disappeared in America. Having been raised in a town that had the only chapter of the KKK in New England, whose country clubs wouldn’t accept Jews, that fervently supported Coolidge, Hoover, and a slew of other Presidents not aware of their times, I was surrounded by feelings and vibes that are coming to fruition now, with the dismantling of all social services, the destruction of public education, the callous disregard for those who served in the military.

Nanci Griffith



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