More Saturday

I’ve forgotten under which clock
I am waiting for myself.

from Being Late by Yevgeny Yevtushenko

I witnessed two near-accidents and one accident as I walked up Rue de la Convention. The first was of a cab making a U-turn at the intersection of Vaugirard and Convention in front of approaching traffic from three directions. The second was at the same intersections as two motor scooters ran the light and almost hit each other and the traffic stopped on the other side of the traffic light. The third was on Convention as a man walking to his parked car was struck just as he was about to open the door.  There were no injuries except perhaps for ear drums that had to endure various and lengthy cursings.

Saturday was also the day of the Gay Pride Parade/March in Paris. It was unlike any Pride Event I’d seen in the U.S.:  no floats, no bands, no corporate sponsorships. Just a very, very long procession of people walking on Rue Rivoli, in front of the Louvre Museum – I wouldn’t have known it to be a pride event except for the occasional rainbow flag.

Lady Marmalade


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